School Review

During my professional experience, I was given the opportunity to attend staff meetings. At this time, the school was currently preparing for a school review, which was to be conducted the week after the completion of my professional experience. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain insight into the workings of the school, such as the schools pedagogical framework, the schools focus goals, the current behavior management program, the schools relationship with the local community and their coaching and feedback process. These discussions also gave me insight into why and how school reviews are conducted and the benefits that stem from this process.

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iAIM Innovation

At my professional experience site, they are currently focused upon implementing the iAIM (Increasing Activity and Intelligent Minds) innovation. This innovation encourages the development and sharing of innovative tailored strategies and approaches to promote the incorporation of physical activity for children during class time. The iAIM innovation recognises the benefits of physical activity for students’ health and wellbeing, academic achievement and behavior. Physical activity also presents benefits for the school’s culture and relationships with parents/ caregivers and the local community. I incorporated the iAIM innovation into my lessons while on professional experience. I found the students enjoyed the break and were much more engaged during the lessons that followed.

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Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)

The interactive whiteboard was an incredibly beneficial resource during my professional experience. This resource enabled me to present information to large groups of students at the same time. This resource provided me with the ability to use powerpoints and youtube videos to engage students in their learning by presenting information in an innovative and authentic way. Through the use of powerpoint in mathematics I was able to present visuals, such as images of real world items, in order to engage students in their learning by allowing them to see the real world application of the concepts being learned.

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Rainforest Maths – Interactive Activities

When trying to incorporate ICTs into my mathematics lessons while on professional experience, I found the Rainforest Maths interactive activities extremely beneficial in enhancing student learning. These activities were relevant and appropriate for students’ ability levels, as they aligned directly with the students’ Targeting Maths workbooks and also the Australian Curriculum content descriptors. The interactive component of these resources provided opportunities for the students to work collaboratively in front of the interactive whiteboard. This resource was also visually appealing and engaging for students, as I was able to present it on the Interactive Whiteboard.

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Targeting Maths (Teacher Books)

During my professional experience I was lucky enough to have access to the teachers edition of the Targeting Maths books for both Year 2 and Year 3. These books were extremely helpful as they aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Therefore, the activities that the children were engaging in provided opportunities for them to achieve particular content descriptors set out in the Australian Curriculum. This resource was also incredibly beneficial as it provided many engaging and hands- on activities to introduce particular mathematics concepts. It was integral for me to provide these activities, in order to engage students in their learning by allowing them to see the real world application of the concepts learnt.

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Interactive Stories (Youtube)

Within my professional experience I found the use of interactive stories on youtube an effective approach to introducing texts to students. As the majority of students within the class struggled to maintain engagement during learning activities, these interactive stories enhanced their ability to listen to stories, comprehend the sequence of events and contribute to class discussions. These interactive stories provided an authentic approach to introducing texts, as the students were able to view visual representations of events, in comparison to having to use their imagination to view events when reading a storybook. It was clear to see that the use of interactive stories was an effective approach to enhance student learning.

Click on the links below to see the interactive stories used on my professional experience.

Interactive Story 1

Interactive Story 2

Using AnswerGarden during Professional Experience

Within my professional experience various students presented special needs, including two students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), one student with an Intellectual Impairment (II), one student with Dyslexia and two students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These students had difficulties remaining engaged during learning experiences, therefore interactive and engaging approaches to teaching had to be utilised. AnswerGarden was a great digital tool used on professional experience to enhance student learning. This digital tool effectively engaged and motivated students to contribute to the whole class brainstorm, as they loved the way their ideas were visually presented for the whole class to see. This whole class brainstorm was then printed and displayed within the classroom.

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