Interactive Whiteboard (Not so interactive)

I was able to relate to Caitlin Seng’s blog post, as I too had an interactive whiteboard in the classroom that lacked the interactive component. Firstly, I am pleased that I wasn’t the only one who had experienced this issue and secondly, this issue significantly affected my ability to use ICTs, in order to meet the needs of the students within the class. My class consisted of 6 diagnosed students who had difficulties remaining engaged during learning experiences. Therefore, I had to provide engaging, hand-on activities in order to maintain their engagement and ultimately enhance their learning. Using the interactive whiteboard for interactive activities did not work, as the only real benefit of the interactive whiteboard was its ability to project information onto a larger screen for all students to see. This was a real shame on my professional experience and I feel that we shouldn’t get marked down for not using ICTs because we are actually meeting the needs of our learners by using hands – on learning activities.

This article presents other disadvantages for using Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom.


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