I do, We do, You do – Explicit Teaching

I was able to relate to Sandra’s blog post, as I too used the explicit teaching framework of (I do, We do and You do). This approach is effective in scaffolding students’ learning, where the students are clear on the teachers expectations of learning tasks. I have outlined each component below.

I do: The teacher explains the expectations of the activity and demonstrates what the students are required to do. (This step allows students to get a clearer picture of what they are required to do and also provides and example, which they can refer to when completing their individual task).

We do: Both the teacher and students work collaboratively to complete the task. This step encourages participation from the students, which they will then draw upon when completing their own individual task.

You do: The students work individually to complete a given task. (The students will draw upon their knowledge, understandings and skills developed during the (I do and We do sections).

Click here for more information about this explicit teaching framework.


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