The 5E’s Teaching and Learning Model

The 5E’s Framework will be utilised, when creating my Science unit for Assignment 2. This framework encourages educators to engage students in an inquiry-based approach to their learning. I have used this approach previously when planning science units. The 5E’s Framework consists of five phases:

  • Engagement
  • Exploration
  • Explanation
  • Elaboration
  • Evaluation

(Australian Academy of Science, 2015).

Britta’s post also highlights the significance of using the 5E’s Framework to inform the planning of Science units.

The Primary Connections website defines the 5E’s Framework as, “Based on an inquiry-orientated teaching and learning model. Students use their prior knowledge and literacies to develop explanations for their hands-on experiences of scientific phenomena. Students have opportunities to represent and re-represent their developing understanding. They are engaged actively in the learning process. Students develop investigations skills and an understanding of the nature of science” (Australian Academy of Science, 2015).

I have found the 5E’s Framework to be an effective process of creating highly engaging learning experiences that are relevant to students’ interests and prior knowledge and experiences.

For more information about the 5E’s Teaching and Learning Model visit the Primary Connections website.

Until next time . . . Happy Blogging!


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