Texting and the Deterioration of our Verbal English Language

Jose Waters’ article Texting …… our new type of talking! has encouraged me to reflect upon the impacts texting has upon todays socialising norms. I too find it anti social for people to be more concerned about their iPhones or iPads than to speak to the person serving them at the checkout or saying hello to the person sitting next to them on the bus. Yes, I understand that people are socialising upon their phones, however, I believe we are talking about two very diverse types of socialising. Someone speaking with an individual face-to-face has a much more enriched social experience than someone who is chatting via text.

I believe the effects of texting will become evident in the years to come. These effects may include, individuals not being able to identify social queues and use them to inform their conversation and also could we loose our verbal language? With the increasing use of texting, individuals will not need to talk as much and therefore their language proficiency may deteriorate. This will cause great difficulties for those learning how to speak the language as they will not be taught properly. This will see a slow deterioration of our verbal English language.


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