Learning Through Exploring – Electronic Blocks

During the week two learning path we were given a task to explore the 8 themes of The Decoding Learning Report. I have enjoyed exploring these themes, as they have helped to scaffold the development of my reasons for using ICTs in the classroom. I have decided to explore the innovation of Electronic Blocks from the Learning Through Exploring theme.


Electronic blocks provide students with the opportunity to explore technology through actively manipulating and transforming real materials to make sense of the world around them. I love the idea of the Electronic Blocks. This innovation resonates with me as it draws upon the notion of constructivism, a predominant belief within my pedagogy.


The Electronic Blocks innovation would be used with prep through to grade three students. Due to financial limitations there would only be four sets of Electronic blocks within the school.

Why does it help student learning?

The Electronic Blocks innovation encourages students to become creators of computing technology, not users. This innovation provides students with programming experiences through active manipulation of real materials. Electronic Blocks become the vehicle for the acquisition of useful cognitive skills, such as problem solving and reflective thinking.

If you wish to learn more about Electronic Blocks this article may be of interest to you.


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