What Does ICT Mean for the Future of Education?

During the week two learning path I watched the youtube video ‘Did you know’. If you haven’t watched it for yourself I highly recommend you do so. I have placed this youtube video at the bottom of my post for your convenience.

I became curious about the many themes discussed within this video. A statement I found particularly interesting was

“Predictions are that by the time Children born in 2007 are 6 years old, a supercomputer’s computation capabilities will exceed that of the human brain”.

This notion sparked the ultimate question . . . what does ICT mean for the future of education? The more I watched the video more concerned I became. I began to question the impacts of technology. How will technology influence our world, globally? Will we eventually become solely reliant on technology?

Through further exploration I discovered the idea of ‘The Driverless Car’. This lead me to question, if there are ‘driverless cars’, how long will it be until they develop ‘teacherless teachers’? What does this mean for our teaching careers? How will this impact upon our future employment opportunities? In years to come, will classrooms need teachers? The following statement from the ‘Did You Know’ youtube video touches on this notion.

“We are currently preparing our students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist . . . in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet”.

I hope the themes discussed in this post have encouraged you to question your future as an educator. I would love to hear some differing perspectives.


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