Ready, Set, Go!

A little about me!

Well here it is . . . my very first blog post. First of all, hello and welcome to my blog. I am Elizabeth Bradshaw and I am 20 years old. I am specialising in primary education and I am studying full time, online. I live on a cattle property 50 km’s from Chinchilla and I am currently working part time as a teacher aide at the Chinchilla primary school. I have found this opportunity very beneficial in my development as a pre-service teacher.

My experiences with ICT?

Approximately two years ago I recall the sudden popularity of IPhones within my community and I could not comprehend why anyone would want a phone like that. I could not understand why they would make a phone with a glass screen and why we needed such programs on our phones to complete tasks that could be done on computers. I have since welcomed ICT into my life and yes I do now own an IPhone . . . and I could not live without it! I have opened my eyes to the world of technology and am willing to give anything a go. Through my exploration of ICT’s I am also familiar with the frequent technical issues that arise. This is one aspect of technology that I find hard to cope with, as the issues are often far more complex then those that arise from pen and paper. I am still exploring ways to overcome my frustrations.

ICT’s and Pedagogy?

ICT is a growing interest in our population, especially our students. Therefore, teachers’ pedagogy and practice must reflect these interests. The incorporation of ICT’s in the classroom allows students to learn in a way that is familiar to them and encourages them to become ICT literate, preparing them for the future. I am looking forward to exploring the ever-growing benefits of using ICT’s in our classrooms.

Expectations for the course?

I expect that this course will challenge my ICT knowledge and skills. I am sure that I will have multiple instances of frustration when things don’t go quite to plan. However, on the other hand I know that this course will enhance my knowledge of how we as teachers can provide students with meaningful and engaging learning experiences, through the use of ICT.

I look forward to engaging in the learning activities and networking with my colleagues throughout this course.


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